When it comes to investments and expenditures, there are more options than ever for small businesses to choose from. To help you prioritize your business expenses, this article lists several of the best investments your small business can make.


Though design may not be at the top of many entrepreneurs’ minds when it comes to business expenses, it is incredibly important nonetheless. Want proof? According to a study from the Missouri University of Science and Technology, when people initially view a website, they form a first impression in a fraction of a second. Aside from websites, the design also plays a critical role in how favorably customers view your products; for example, Apple has built an empire in large part by prioritizing simple, clean product designs. The takeaway point is that you shouldn’t neglect spending on design.

Insurance and Legal Expenses

Insurance policies and legal advice are not the most exciting topics; however, they are vital, especially as your business grows. Insurance and good legal advice can help keep unforeseen problems and liabilities from crippling your business.


Even if you have an amazing product or great service, it won’t make your business any money unless customers are both aware of it and understand how it can help them. To boost your business’s sales, it is essential to invest resources in marketing. Among business expenses, hiring people who are skilled in marketing is one of the most worthwhile.


Accounting is vital to making your business as efficient—and therefore as profitable—as possible. Consider investing in an in-house accountant or hiring an outside accounting firm to keep your books in good shape. In the long run, solid accounting is one of the best ways to keep your business expenses down and your profit up.

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