The human resources department in a business is often overlooked. Small businesses can’t usually afford to hire an HR rep full time for just a few employees. Some business owners believe that HR is a luxury when it’s actually a key function of hiring and reducing employee turnover. Outsourcing your HR department can make sense. Here are five benefits.

You Won’t Make Mistakes

Laws that govern employees are complex. Without specialized knowledge of HR laws, you could easily get into trouble with the EEOC. Your HR person can help you avoid costly payroll mistakes. Employees have access to troubleshooters who can help fix issues with benefits or payroll. Everyone saves time and money.

Your Hiring Process Is Improved

Finding good talent isn’t easy these days. It’s hard to compete against larger organizations. Outsourcing HR helps you develop a hiring process to attract top talent. Your HR team sorts through the applicants and offers you the best candidates.

Your Employment Process Is Kept Within Guidelines

Dealing with the multitude of rules that start at the federal level regarding employment can be a headache for even the most seasoned HR manager. When you outsource your HR department, you can be surer that you are compliant with all standards, from the state, local, industry, and union.

You Can Offer Better Benefits

Your HR department is more familiar with the different benefits available to employees. Outsourcing can help you find options you might not have as a smaller company. You save time by not having to manage different programs for your employees.

You Save Money

By outsourcing your HR department, you get savings across multiple platforms. First, you’re not paying for a full-time HR manager that may not have enough to do. An HR company can often negotiate better benefits by having a large group of clients. You spend less time on HR functions. Getting an employee on board and trained quickly cuts your costs.

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