Born leaders are rare or nonexistent. Most people acquire effective leadership through training. They learn through individual experience as well as the instruction of others. Here are some tips on how you can become a better leader.

Resolve to Maintain Personal Growth

In training to become an effective leader, you never reach a point of perfection at which you have arrived and can go no further. Good leadership involves a commitment to maintaining personal growth and the growth of your team members. Continually look for strategies for improvement. For instance, consider starting a company reading program in which you and your employees recommend motivational and instructional books to each other.

Be Honest

Effective leadership involves maintaining your integrity. Only make promises to your clients, employees, and others when you are sure you can keep them. People appreciate and follow a leader with a reputation for honesty.

Treat Employees Well

If you want employees to respect you as a leader, treat them with courtesy and dignity. Show them the respect that you want them to offer to your clients, otherwise you are not manifesting leadership but merely being hypocritical.

Open a Feedback Channel

Provide employees with a means of communicating feedback to you. Additionally, don’t wait for them to offer their comments. Instead, actively solicit feedback from them, including specific examples if possible, on how effective you are as a leader and what you can do to improve.

Consider Your Appearance

Take the time to consider how your personal appearance reflects your professional brand, and dress accordingly. Rather than selecting your clothing to impress others, make what you wear an integral aspect of how you see yourself as a leader. Apply this focus on appearance to your business as well. Allow your company’s cleanliness and stylish decor indicate your commitment to a high level of professionalism.

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