Worldwide government attention to climate change had led to increased research funding and fossil fuel regulation, which is quickly expanding green energy investment options. Investors today can invest wisely, to benefit both their personal future and that of the planet, with a green energy and climate change portfolio.

Green Energy Investment Options

The aspiring green energy investor might consider funds or companies in the following sectors:

  • Wind – Wind farms, both on land and offshore, are popular renewable energy options growing as we move toward the future. 
  • Solar – Photovoltaic modules are becoming more popular in developing countries and among US homeowners. The latter encouraged by potential credits from utility companies.  
  • Nuclear power – The development of new, safer technology, including cold fusion, will likely be part of our journey away from non-renewable energy sources. 
  • Carbon capture – Carbon capture and storage technology (to prevent release into the environment) has been promoted as a way to help limit global warming, alongside renewable energy.   
  • High-capacity batteries – New energy storage solutions are essential to reducing the use of fossil fuels, and both well-established companies and new startups are working to develop advanced batteries.  
  • Natural gas – Needed to help reduce the use of coal, and supply power while new advanced batteries are developed, natural gas continues to be viable. Liquid natural gas, including (lower carbon) methanol, remains important to eventually replace diesel in the shipping industry. Therefore, extracting natural gas, gas liquefaction and fracking may also expand. 
  • Big oil and gas companies – Carbon-based energy isn’t going away overnight, of course, as it’s needed to facilitate the production of wind power, solar energy and more. In addition, many big-name companies are working to make their operations more energy efficient. Many are also developing new divisions dedicated to researching/producing green power or related technology.  

If green energy becomes part of your investment strategy, be sure to research carefully and consult your investment advisors about your specific goals. This commentary on energy trends is not intended as investment advice. When you need business funding to fuel your business growth, contact Norus Capital.