Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. It’s even harder when your spouse doesn’t share your dream. Here are four tips to help you find a better work-life balance and get your spouse on board to follow your entrepreneurial spirit.

Take responsibility for your actions

If you find yourself not getting enough support from your spouse, check yourself first. Have you been specific with what you need? Are you providing support to your spouse? Are you emotionally supporting your family? Are you being realistic with your schedule? Look at yourself and see how you can change to be more present for your spouse.  

Communicate often

Poor communication is one of the main reasons people break up. When you talk to your spouse, how are you at communicating? Are you sharing your goals and dreams? Or do you simply tell them how it is, “I’m working until 6 tonight”? Do you talk about things that matter to your relationship? Practice sharing things that go beyond your business.

Be honest

Don’t protect your spouse by glossing over the hard things. Don’t hide what you’re doing. Be upfront with the one you love. It will save a lot of heartache when you trust your spouse with the rough stuff so he or she isn’t left wondering what it is you’re covering up.

Find a good work-life balance  

Take time away from your business to maintain your relationship. Turn off the electronics. Do something together without distractions. It will benefit you. It will benefit your relationship. Give your partner reasons to support you in your entrepreneurial adventures.

Your spouse’s support is not a given, but you can encourage him or her to be more supportive of your dreams. It takes effort to find a good work-life balance. You’ll be rewarded if you put in the time. Need financing? Contact Norus Capital to learn more about funding options for your small business.