Professionalism isn’t something that comes naturally to most people, especially those working in their first full-time or corporate position. However, it’s an important skill that you should attempt to master as early in your career as possible. Below are some tips to make the process easier for you.

Observe Typical Patterns of Behavior Around the Office

You’re bound to make a few gaffes when you first begin a position and don’t understand office culture yet. When you take the time to learn from these mistakes, you will likely make fewer of them in the future. For example, observe whether people typically show up early for staff meetings and whether they start right on time. Other examples of behavior that can vary from one office to the other include people lowering their voices when they’re on the phone and sending an email to co-workers with non-urgent questions.

Speak and Write Using Proper English

Leave the slang or shortened terms you would use with friends outside of an office setting. When you need to communicate in writing, avoid using text speak and proofread your work for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation before sending it. The clearer you make your message, the less likely someone will misunderstand it and blame their actions on your lack of clarity.

Be Punctual and Reliable

Professionalism means avoiding unplanned tardiness and absences whenever possible. Of course, situations will arise beyond your control such as a traffic accident that makes you late or the sudden onset of illness. Keep in mind that not being in the office when you’re supposed to make more work for everyone else. In keeping with this spirit of consideration, try to give as much notice as you can when taking paid time off.

Need More Tips on Professionalism?

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