You only have 24 hours each day, same as everyone else. Ever wonder how some people get more done than others? They’ve learned how to manage their time for maximum productivity.

Here are seven tips to improve your time management skills.

  • Do your hardest and least desirable task first.  It’s called “eat that frog.” Take care of the task that will be at the back of your mind until it’s done.  
  • Minimize meetings.  Large meetings can be a time waster. Always ask yourself if you really need to have a meeting. Can you handle things by email or phone? Would a project management app help everyone stay focused instead of having to meet each week?  
  • Give up distractions.  
  • Social media is a time suck unless you’re using it wisely. Utilize social media to benefit your business when you’re on company time. Otherwise, stay off it until you get off work.
  • Take breaks.  It sounds counterproductive but taking breaks can boost your productivity by refreshing your mind and body. For every hour of work, take 10 minutes off. Stretch. Get a fresh drink. If you want a snack, eat healthy foods that boost brain power. Then get back to work. 
  • Chunk your time together.  Avoid multitasking. Work in blocks of time on one project to prevent having to refocus your mind. Make the most of your time each day. 
  • Fuel your body Set yourself up for success by eating healthy. Take time to eat lunch during the day. Exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. 
  • Fuel your mind.  Take time for education and inspiration. Take a class to learn something new. Read positive material, such as biographies of entrepreneurs who overcame hardships to grow their business. Watch a movie that inspires you to be better. Spend time with a mentor.  

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