Do I honestly need to delegate? The direct answer is yes! In order to be successful in the long run, you must develop a delegation strategy and be comfortable with delegation.    

The Common Dilemma

You wear lots of ‘hats’ as a business owner fulfilling the many functions of your enterprise and you want to get things done right. So, you may tend to hoard responsibilities and tasks. This approach becomes exhausting and limiting for you and for your entire organization.

What Does Delegation Mean?

First, it doesn’t mean abdicating authority or giving up all control. Nor does it mean not paying attention or not caring. It does mean sharing the work, trusting and growing the rest of your organization.

Why Do I Need a Delegation Strategy?

  • You can’t do it all. There is only so much time available.
  • A delegation strategy allows you to focus on the most essential aspects of your business and frees-up time and energy for essential planning.
  • Delegation strengthens the organization and helps individuals to grow in their roles.
  • It creates clarity, specifically helping to identify what needs to be done and how.
  • It increases trust.

6 Principles for Delegation Strategy

  • Plan to do what you and you alone can do. This will require restraint and trust on your part.
  • Identify what others can do and them empower them to act.
  • Define the outcomes. You want people to know clearly what success means.
  • Teach others how and when to act. An effective leader is more a great teacher than necessarily the best doer.
  • Create accountability. After you have clearly defined roles, established a vision of outcomes and created a spirit of trust, let others feel the investment of achieving critical results. Their spirit of buy-in will help your business achieve greater success.
  • Expand your team by securing appropriate trusted outside resources.

Get Expert Help to Support Your Delegation Strategy

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