Work isn’t supposed to be fun, right? Otherwise it wouldn’t be work at all.

That ethic has permeated our culture and forcesss us choose between working hard or enjoying ourselves.

But not everyone knows that there’s a way to do both:  if you’re able to find a way to stimulate creativity either as an employee or a manager, it can go a long way to making work conditions more enjoyable.

It still may not make it all the way to pure fun, but encouraging creativity in actions, opportunities and solutions can create a culture that is at least stimulating.

Learning to think more creatively and encourage this method of thinking can produce all sorts of positive results, including:

More stimulation.

How cool would it be if there was more than black-and-white spreadsheets, PowerPoints or emails? People would perk up and pay attention if there were cartoons or clever illustrations, rather than dull slides with dull numbers.


Candidates seeking a great employer might be more eager to apply if they see/hear that creativity is valued instead of stifled. There will still rules that need to be followed, but having freedom to think different is always appealing. If someone enjoys their initial experience, they’re more likely to stick around and not take their talents elsewhere.

Great décor.

The creative focus can extend to the colors on walls and furnishings. Would you feel more productive in a dull room with bare walls or bright stimulating colors? Would you like seeing empty desks or a place where everyone is encouraged to bring photos, toys, posters and personal knick-knacks?  

Failure is an option.

One of the easiest ways to keep people from taking risks is a fear of consequences if something doesn’t work out. This is true at a personal and professional level.  Most companies are look for ways to avoid anything that could lose money or market share, and only proceed with the least risky choices. But an environment where new ideas are attempted could be appealing.  

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