When you’re trying to get a new service-oriented business off the ground, pulling in those first customers can be a challenge.

Sources for new client lead generation may include:

  • Your employer: Your day job may have you obligated not to poach clients from them, if you’re planning to become a competitor. If you’re offering a service your soon-to-be-former employer does not, and/or if you feel comfortable taking clients with you when you leave to start your new business, this can be a good place to start building your client base. If you’re leaving your old position to branch out as a contractor, of course, your old employer may become your first client.  
  • Professional associations: Find customers at any business organizations you belong to–or join some industry groups for this purpose. Remember to build solid relationships within the organization, before focusing on your sales pitch or asking for referrals from other members or business owners.
  • Family, friends and neighbors: Let everyone know about your new venture and ask them to spread the word and/or provide personal referrals.
  • Advertising: Ads in your local paper, TV and/or radio can work wonders. Consider writing for a local paper or online publication. You may even be able to arrange appearances on local TV or news programs to promote your service business along with, or instead of, placing an ad.
  • Daily life: Talk to people at clubs where you are a member, or at events you attend. If you’re in a parent’s organization supporting a local school, or you do volunteer work, talk to other members/attendees about your new business.
  • Online networking: Use social media to promote your business and bring in clients. You can start with your personal social accounts, but be sure to make a business page or account on popular platforms right away. Of course, a terrific, continually updated, business website is essential and keep your contact information consistent across your entire online presence to attract new clients.  

Use these tried and true options for lead generation to locate your first clients so you can hit the ground running in your new business. If you need funding to start or grow your business, contact the experts at Norus Capital today.