Customer trust is key to business growth—you can’t win new customers and develop their loyalty without it. Use these tips to help ensure business success:

Prioritize security: Customer data privacy, hacking, and unauthorized marketing/contact are all top of mind now. Reassure your customers you won’t use data inappropriately. Do no unauthorized sharing (unless you disclose in advance or get permission). Your company can’t be trusted unless your website is trustworthy. Make your website secure with SSL and your checkout process short, easily understood and professional.

Humanize your company: Let your personality/brand voice show in all you do: in communications, you send and throughout your website and online footprint. Trust is about relationships, so deepen your company’s personal connection with your audience/customers. Be a trusted “friend” or resource.

Stay engaged: Make sure your website and social media accounts stay current–and add new content regularly. Run new promotions, share exciting news, provide expert advice on current topics. Would you walk into a store with lights off and cobwebs on the door? If it looks like no one is home, your brand won’t garner any interest and customer trust will lapse. 

Manage (and exceed) expectations: Do not over-promise—instead over-deliver. Give accurate (or slightly padded) estimates and beat them. This avoids customer disappointment, which erodes trust. 

Keep in touch, honestly: Reach out often, but not so often that it’s annoying. This ensures you stay on the radar, so when your services are needed again, your customer won’t turn to Google search. They’ll simply contact you, their trusted resource. Being honest and upfront brings you respect and trust.

Be on duty 24/7: Include a variety of methods to contact you/your company, anytime, so customers or prospects can contact you and feel heard. Asking a question and being met with silence or delayed response leaves the impression that you’re out of business, or that you provide poor service. Neither of those builds customer trust because they make you look undependable.

Deliver world-class service: You must differentiate yourself to stand out in the crowd of similar businesses. Make sure one way you do so is by going the extra mile. 

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