A business plan is a document that guides you as grow your company. It’s a tool that you can use every day to help you stay focused, bring on new business partners and look to the future. Sure, you can hire someone to write your business plan, but it won’t have the same passion that you could bring to it. You don’t need a template to write a good business plan. You just need to think about your organization, the market and your products.

Elements of a Good Business Plan

Executive summary

This is a brief introduction to your business. What is your mission statement? What is your company? Who’s on your leadership team? Where are you located? Why will you be successful? Think of this part as an abstract. You’ll go into more detail in the following sections.

Company description

Provide more information about your organization. Describe the strengths of your business. 

Market analysis

In this section, you’ll look at the industry and your competitors. How are you different and better?

Organization and management

Who runs your company? How are you structured?

Services or products

What do you sell? How does it solve your customer’s problems?

Marketing and sales

What is your marketing strategy to attract customers?

Funding requests

Outline what you need funding for and how you will use it.

Financial projections

Estimate what your business will earn in the next three to five years. Show how you arrived at that figure using income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements from the past or use financial software to make projections if you aren’t established.


In this section, you can include any documentation that supports what you’ve written. It could include resumes, licenses, business permits, credit histories, patents and contracts.

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