Every small business wants to make more sales. Keep reading for several strategies that will help your business in this area.

Give Trials or Samples

Customers are often leery of paying for a new product or service, especially if they have not interacted with your company before. If you have an excellent product, it is very likely the customer will want to buy more of it once they see how good it is for themselves. As an added benefit, this strategy shows that your company has confidence in what it is selling.

Give Your Salespeople Incentives

At the end of the day, even the best employees are working for a paycheck. That means monetary incentives can be a powerful way to motivate your salespeople to give it their all every time they talk to a potential customer. If monetary incentives are not an option for some reason, consider giving your salespeople incentives like extra time off or extra consideration for promotions. This will keep your best performers going at a high level and inspire the rest of your salespeople to try to catch up.

Prioritize Service After the Sale

Even after your company has made a sale, it should keep working to make the customer happy. Timothea Xi, writing for Chron.com, highlights several ways your company can employ after-sale service, including sending a thank-you note, inviting the customer to provide feedback, and addressing problems they bring up. These methods can keep each customer satisfied and keep your company fresh in their mind, leading to future sales. 


Up-selling is an incredibly valuable tool for boosting sales. That’s because once a customer has already agreed to buy something from your company, it can be exponentially easier to get them to buy more, especially if you offer a discount or other bonus.

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